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Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival

Updated: May 22, 2019

Two of our films, Rock Jam! and Corporate Warfare were selected by Iron Mule and aired at the February and March showings respectively.

Judge's Award for Rock Jam!

The Iron Mule is run by comedians Victor Varnado and Jay Stern, and by producers, Danny Mahon and Paul Zuckerman. Hosted by Victor and Jay, the Iron Mule screens comedic films monthly in Brooklyn. Films are eligible to win the Audience Award, voted on by the festival goers, and the Judge's Award, given out by the Iron Mule team.

Something Picnic was lucky enough to win the Judge's Award for Rock Jam! at the February screening. Our prize was the official laurels (above) and the randomly, a smart scale from Withings...we don't know why but we embraced it and care for it like a child.

It was the first festival we had ever attended for one of our creations, and it was special to get recognition for all the late nights we spent at Lars' house, dressed like rockstars, pretending to snort coke. Victor and Jay interviewed us in front of the theater after our showing, and we had a lovely time getting to know them, Danny, and other filmmakers at the afterparty. We also had a chance to connect with some friends who were kind enough to attend the screening and help us try to snag that Audience Award.

We were unable to attend the March screening of Corporate Warfare, but we are still thrilled that it played in a theater to an audience. According to our friend Danny, Corporate Warfare got some laughs, which to us, is a win.

For me, it was my first experience in NYC and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Make sure to check out the gallery below!


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