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Die Laughing Film Festival

Updated: May 22, 2019

Something Picnic airs Game of Bones and The Pumpkin Curse at Die Laughing Film Festival.

Lars and I were lucky enough to attend our third film festival together this past weekend, this time it was Die Laughing Film Festival, a horror/comedy festival in Hollywood.

The Pumpkin Curse, having aired at the NYC Short Comedy Film Festival, made it's second festival appearance. Meanwhile, Game of Bones, our medieval sketch that has nothing to do with Game of Thrones, had its festival debut.

It makes sense that Pumpkin Curse, a halloweeny sketch, and Game of Bones, a violent dick chopping bonanza, were selected for a horror/comedy festival, but it was still trippy to watch the two genres side by side. Some of the videos masterfully balanced the two, like our favorite, Fetish. Other films were just plain creepy with no splash of comedy and felt peculiar alongside a video where Lars and I both pretend to have our penises chopped off by swords.

Something Picnic managed to snag one of the many awards, which we are very excited about. We won "Best Dicks"....not sure what it means, but we're stoked! Seems very fitting for Something Picnic and Game of Bones!

They got out names wrong on the award. Which is pretty funny because we immediately started referring to each other as Mark Alexander Herz and Frank Lyon.

The festival guy is going to send us a new one with the right names. But even if he never's the thought that counts...and we're just happy he knows we have/are the Best Dicks.

The remainder of our time in LA was made up entirely of gallivanting. We went to weird LA bars, Universal Studios, and every improv show we could get our hands on. It was a great time.

Thanks to our lovely hosts, Sonja and Micah. And our friends Trevor, Taylor, Callie, Philly, Katie, and Jens for joining

us at the festival!

Check out more pics below!


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