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Nipple Sucking Aliens

Something Picnic's next project, a web series called "Nipple Sucking Aliens," is coming this spring.

Our last big project was The End of Summer, Summer's Over, Summer Special. After that, we pumped out The Pumpkin Curse in time for Halloween, and then we thought, what next?

We always look to challenge ourselves with every new video. And after the Summer Special and The Pumpkin Curse, a web series seemed like a step in the right direction.

Lars had an itch to do an sci-fi type detective show. Neither of us had seen X-Files, but that didn't matter, we got to work developing a detective series with an alien twist, and we ended up with Nipple Sucking Aliens.

Nipple Sucking Aliens is still being filmed, but you can look for it to air weekly sometime this spring on YouTube. We hope to do a YouTube premiere, so subscribers can watch together in real time like a real tv show.


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