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Portland Comedy Film Festival

Corporate Warfare Wins Most Original Concept Award in Portland.

Corporate Warfare was fortunate enough to be selected into the Portland Comedy Film Festival! Coming directly from Los Angeles, where we won “Best Dicks” in Die Laughing Film Festival, I realized I was in trouble as soon as I got to the hotel. There was only one Best Dick, and it was me. Lars. Jack was nowhere to be found.  I looked in the shower, I looked in the bed, I looked under the bed. Still no Jack.

I mourned his loss and moved on. I had to. My Uber was waiting...and my Uber drivers, mainly women in their 70s, made me feel safe and comfortable in this unfamiliar, lush-green city.

The screening was a blast! It was full of film enthusiasts and other filmmakers. Hearing the different laugh points during our five-ish minute sketch made the whole trip worth while. I’m not saying that showing my mom and dad in the kitchen of our home isn’t rewarding, it’s just different. Ya know? 

I got to meet extremely talented, super friendly filmmakers/actors/writers. The creators of Cannonball and Breaking The I.C.E. even let me hang with them after the screening for what ended up being 3 hours at a Karaoke bar.  After a 4AM Vietnamese feast, we parted ways and went to bed. 

The next day, I was given a free frisbee golf disc by the manager at Einstein Bros Bagels. I had two already, but he thought I needed a “fairway driver”. After I frolfed a +2, it was time for awards and… WE WON! 

The Portland Comedy Film Festival is the biggest festival we have been a part of thus far (over 150 films were screened), so taking home the “Most Original Concept Award” is one of the highest honors Jack and I could have hoped for. What a freaking hoot. Our hearts are full! 

Speaking of, it turns out Jack wasn’t missing. He was actually living inside of me the entire time… Just kidding, he was actually in San Diego the entire time!  Thanks for the heads up, Jack!!! JK LOL ILYBB! 

All in all, the festival did a great job at making filmmakers feel appreciated and inspired to create more cool stuff! Thank you Mikel Fair and the rest of the Portland Comedy Film Festival team, thank you new friends, and thank you Portland.  Until next time! 

<3 Lars 

Check out more photos below!

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