The Story of Something Picnic

Jack Kelly and Lars Midthun met in high school when they were on the same baseball team. Jack batted .087 that year, turns out he needed glasses, and Lars managed to look like a hot 29 year old at age 15. Their high school friendship blossomed when they started making videos for student government. Somewhere on the internet there are videos of Jack and Lars as the PJ Boys, a rap group whose sole purpose is to advertise that Pajama Day is happening at school on Monday.

Upon returning from college, Jack and Lars met at the shittiest picnic table in town and discovered they were both going through a qauarter life crisis. Lars had just finished a documentary about his grandfather, The Way North. Jack was purposefully unemployed, racking his brain for ways not to work in an office. At that table something magic happened. They reminisced on video production days of old, and decided they'd take a crack at making funny videos together. And wah-lah, Something Picnic was born!

Flash forward almost two years and Jack and Lars have 20+ published sketches, three of which have been selected by various film festivals. They continue to make bigger and better films, all with the hopes of making folks giggle. For now, that means producing new content, like their upcoming web series, "Nipple Sucking Aliens."

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